Bilbao-born musician Juan Ortiz flees artifice, and after his albums “Life is Too Short (2013), awarded “Best Jazz Record of the Year” at the BBK Jazz Awards, he toured the world and recorded “And the World is Large” (2015) moving to Japan where he released his third album “Winter Tales” (2017) also awarded as “Best Jazz Album of the Year” at the Musika Bulegoa Sariak, now presents us “Brighter Days”, an honest album that reflects his personality live.
«Juan was a student of mine at Musikene a few years ago. Now I see with joy the talent he pointed out then has made him a great pianist. Juan knows the tradition in depth and is a great composer. This album is a good example of it.» Perico Sambeat.

Dark days might cross your path, but don’t worry. It only means that there are brighter days awaiting for you in the future.